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Magazine / Tạp chí

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Landscape Design and Garden Magazine 2012 Spring Landscape Design and Garden Magazine 2012 Summer Landscape Design and Garden Magazine 2013 Spring Landscape Design and Garden Magazine 2013 Summer Landscape Design and Garden Magazine 2013 Winter Landscape Design and Garden Magazine 2014 Spring Landscape Design and Garden Magazine 2014 Autumn Landscape Design and Garden Magazine 2013 Autumn Landscape Design and Garden Magazine 2015 Autumn

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Landscape 2011.01 Landscape 2011.02 Landscape 2011.03 Landscape 2011.04 Landscape 2011.05 Landscape 2011.06 Landscape 2011.07 Landscape 2011.08 Landscape 2011.09 Landscape 2011.10 Landscape 2011.11 Landscape 2011.12


Landscape 2012.01 Landscape 2012.02 Landscape 2012.03 Landscape 2012.04 Landscape 2012.05 Landscape 2012.06 Landscape 2012.07 Landscape 2012.08 Landscape 2012.09 Landscape 2012.10 Landscape 2012.11 Landscape 2012.12


Landscape 2013.01 Landscape 2013.02 Landscape 2013.03 Landscape 2013.04 Landscape 2013.05 Landscape 2013.06 Landscape 2014.01Landscape 2014.02 Landscape 2014.03 Landscape 2014.04 Landscape 2014.05 Landscape 2014.06


Landscape 2014.07 Landscape 2014.08 Landscape 2014.09 Landscape 2014.10 Landscape 2014.11 Landscape 2014.12 Landscape 2013.07 Landscape 2013.08 Landscape 2013.09 Landscape 2013.10 Landscape 2013.11 Landscape 2013.12


Landscape 2015.01 Landscape 2015.02 Landscape 2015.03 Landscape 2015.04 Landscape 2015.05 Landscape 2015.06 Landscape 2015.07 Landscape 2015.08 Landscape 2015.09 Landscape 2015.10 Landscape 2015.11 Landscape 2015.12


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Landscape Architecture / Kiến trúc cảnh quan


 Dictionary of Landscape Architechture and Construction1  Designing Urban Agriculture - Thiết kế nông nghiệp đô thị   Beautiful roads - a handbook of road architecture - Những con đường đẹp Landscape architecture an introduction- Lời giới thiệu về kiến trúc cảnh quan Public square landscape - Cảnh quan cho quảng trường công cộng Roof Garden Landscape World Landscape Case Studies Google Sketch Up For Site Design1 Green Infrastructure Lingking Landscape and Community Design for Water Eco Landscape Design Eco-city Planning  Business District Planning & Design Living Systems Good Design in China Public Space in Urban Asia Representing Landscape Architecture Space Planning Basics The Best Villa Garden Landscape Sustainable Ecology Landscape Step by Step Landscaping Hotel Architecture - Kiến trúc khách sạn  Waterwise - Native Plants for Intermountain Landscapes Landscape Planning for Sustainable Municipal Development Landscape Professional Practice Design for Outdoor Recreation A Diverse Landscape Where People Live Residential Landscape C3_2007_04_river Green Architecture Urban Sculpture- Điêu khắc trong đô thị Waterfront Cascais Suistainable Design Sustainable Landscape Construction Hospitals The Future Place The New Spatial Planning Wrightscapes Frank Lloyd Wright's Landscape Designs Basics of Permaculture Design Public Landscape Street Furniture I  Shopping Mall IV Public Landscape Street Furniture II Architecture for Food Site Engineering for Landscape Architects Eco-Techture - Bioclimatic Trends and Landscape Architecture in the Year 2001 Construction Detail for Landscape and Garden Design  Asia Pacific Landscape Design Tu y den hinh trong TKCQ Exploring the Boundary of Landscape Architecture tobecontinue

Urban Design / Thiết kế đô thị

Water Urbanism  Urban design futures page_1 Tarp, Architecture Manual - Insidious Urbanism, Spring 2011 Manifestations of the city Ho Chi Minh City City as Organism. New Visions for Urban Life-ISUF Rome 2015 part 1 City as Organism SUF Rome 2015 Volume 21_part 1 EUROPAN 13 RESULTS THE ADAPTABLE CITY 2 V78-01_Cities of Dispersal page_1 (6)  urban forms Urban Design Street and Square1 Green Cities - Urban Development Series Urban design green dimensions Global Report on Human Settlements 2009 Planning Sustainable  Transition towards green growth transforming the goal into actions and strategies Master planning and Urban design book 2013 CITIES + SITES Creating vibrant sustainable environments Memorial Park Master Plan 2015  Thu Thiem Master Plan Adjustment Emeryville Public Art Master Plan Public Space Center Plan Kendall Square Urban Landscape Architecture PLAN Hermosa Public Review Draft Planning by Doing (Volume II of Makers on Market) How to Study Public Life Master Plan for the Central Delaware HARVARD GSD - MELNEA CASS BOULEVARD Design First - Design based Planning for Communities Urban spaces - Public places Ragaisyte  Hong Kong Urban Planning Studio 2011 Housing Design For Community Life A Guide to analyse and enhance urban public spaces in Estonia DRAFT Union Square Neighborhood Plan Sustainable Mixed-Use Districts Mitigating land Use Conflicts in Industrial Cities Urban Design for Rapid Transit (Vancouver, BC)  A Vision and Plan for the Union Square Gateway Global Street Design Guide Tactical Urbanist's Guide to Materials and Design v.1 Urban Change The prospect of transformation Dissident Landscapes in the city by its people Atlantis #22 Atlantis #22 Atlantis 24 Atlantis 23 Atlantis 26 4#horizons Atlantis #232 Re-thinking Practice EGOgroup-urban design-A typology of procedures EGO Group-Urban Design - Method and Techniques EGO Group-Urban Design Practice - An International Review Urban Design for Rapid Transit (Vancouver, BC) Landscape & Urban Design - Issue 24 2017 - EGO Group- Thiết kế cảnh quan đô thị We Own The City – Enabling Community Practice in Architecture and Urban Planning Public Space in the Fragmented City Urban Design Compendium 2  Urban Planning & Design / Planning / Landscape Architecture MSc. Urban Design & city Planning  Urban City Planning Research : Singapore Architecture & Urban Design & Urban Planning & GIS Samples by Mouli Lou 2014 Urban and Regional Planning  Landscape road city Eco resorts planning and design for the tropics


Garden Design / Thiết kế sân vườn

A Sense of Space   Designing with conifers Garden Design by Chris Young Designing with Grasses - Thiết kế vườn Rain Gardens Thiết kế sân vườn - Garden Design Thiết kế sân vườn - Garden design Thiết kế sân vườn - Home + Garden design House without walls Thiết kế sân vườn - Home + garden design - A garden of gems Thiết kế cảnh quan - Garden Design 20 winning gardens Thiết kế cảnh quan - The English Garden Celebrate summer Thiết kế cảnh quan - Love Your Home & Garden Cedar Valley Home & Garden - Chic mix Thiết kế sân vườn - The English garden -Designers special Thiết kế sân vườn - The english garden - Buildings special Thiết kế sân vườn - Garden Design - Palm beach paradise Thiết kế sân vườn - The english garden - Blockbuster roses Thiết kế sân vườn - The English garden - A taste of the exotic Thiết kế sân vườn - Outdoor design & living-Urban chic Thiết kế sân vườn - Home + Garden Design - New backyard 'rooms' radically expand living space Thiết kế sân vườn - Garden culture-Straight outta compost Thiết kế sân vườn - Garden Design-Amazing spaces Thiết kế sân vườn - Pots in the garden-Expert design and planting techniques Thiết kế sân vườn - Flower & Garden Show-Taste of spring Thiết kế sân vườn - Period living garden handbook Thiết kế sân vườn - The best villa garden landscape

Horticulture / Thực vật

water-garden-plants house-plants Encyclopedia Of Garden Ferns 500 Tropical Plants Grow Plants In Pots Perennials tobecontinue

FengShui / Phong thủy

Feng Shui Application and Modern Landscape Design for Architectural Practice in Viet Nam EN   

Graphic - Visualization / Đồ họa - Diễn họa