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An Eco Shipyard of Emil Holm Inland Port



Copenhagen, Denmark


3000 m2


Landscape design




The main idea of the project is the image in which the eco ship is docking at the east side of Emil Holm and carrying the gifts of the nature.

It is the eco ship that creates an exciting, fresh and beautiful man-made landscape that located along with the channel and also brings more attractive and busy public spaces to stimulate other activities along the Emil Holm Canal. The ship have a wavy undulating surrface; the highest position is the hood to view; the mediate position is to approach the way and the lowest position is to contact to the water. Because along with Emil Holm canal is covered by the skyscrappers absorbing the wind, the up and dowwn buildings and hill create diversified valleys to be creation an avoid the strong wind. Moreover, that pinwheels with various colors are put in the ship is not to exploit the wind energy to turn into the power electricity for public activities such as lighting, but it also brings an impressive and attractive public space.