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Landscape Design for Splendora Villa / Thiết kế cảnh quan Splendora Villa


Splendora Urban Town, Bac An Khanh, Hanoi Vietnam


19 ha


An Khanh New City DJV


Landscape architecture design




EGO main ideas for landscape renovation concept:

Transform Splendora new urban town into a smart city, green city, Zero energy city standard and sustainable development.

Creating parks and gardens with more share trees

Adding valued services, urban facilities, playground and connect people

Creating a safe environment for residents

 Creating an impressive style and landscape language

Greenery covers over thirsty percent of Splendora, giving ample opportunities for interactive landscaping as well as conservation initiatives. The development is made up of many different  concepts, each created to suit a different mood or desire.

Open square in front of community house will be the best place for resident events and activities


thiet ke canh quan dai phun nuoc

You know home is just a few turns away upon reaching the magnificent entance gate.

Sheer driving pleasure awaits upon reaching the Splendora villas.

thieets kees carnh quan duwj ans splendora

Enjoy peace and calm at its best with the unique fountain situated at points that soothes both the mind and soul.

The spacious and green public spaces and public spaces are ideal locations for activities and events that link the population.

thiết kế cảnh quan bể bơi splendora

Tropical four-season pool – where children and families play in cool blue waters. A space resort in the heart of Splendora – where wished to return