The organic gardener

There is a growing interest in producing fresh, healthy and chemical-free flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit, and this book applies organic principles to the whole garden, from preparing the soil, weeding and watering through to controlling pests, pruning and propagation. Organic principles are applied to different types of garden – ornamental, wildlife and kitchen – showing how to plant flower beds, borders and ponds, how to create woodland gardens and wildflower lawns, and how to grow vegetables, herbs and fruit. There is also a section on plant health that discuses the best ways of using natural methods to deal with any pests and diseases that may occur, for example by creating suitable habitats for beneficial predators such as lacewings, wasps, hoverflies and frogs. Whether starting an organic garden from scratch or applying organic principles to an existing garden, this book is filled with step-by-step information that will help you achieve your goal. Written by award-winning