ASLA 2015 Fellows / Giải thưởng ASLA 2015 Fellows

Adele Ashkar, of George Washington University, received her nomination, for Service, from the Potomac Chapter. Throughout her nontraditional career, Ashkar has provided distinguished service to landscape architecture. As a pioneering educator, she seizes every opportunity to expand the boundaries of traditional practice and teaching. An innovative educator and mentor, she promotes landscape architecture to nontraditional, interdisciplinary and career-changing students. By engaging in visible pro bono projects, she has inspired both professional and citizen advocates for sustainable design so that they reach out to celebrate the value of the profession to other public leaders. A visionary, she has sustained an unflagging attitude of advocacy for landscape architecture in local, regional, national and international venues. Her philosophy—that reaching stakeholders at the grassroots level is critical to the support of new public policy—will help shape our landscapes for future generations.