ASLA 2015 Professional Analysis & Planning Award Winners / Giải thưởng ASLA 2015 Analysis & Planning Award

The landscape architects led the consultant team and worked with the client, stakeholder agencies and neighborhood groups to develop an urban design plan and feasibility study for the redevelopment of the 45 acre Penn’s Landing site, with an emphasis on an integrated approach to the overall development strategy, infrastructure needs and public realm opportunities. The plan resulted in strategies for transportation systems, structural deck systems and the design concept for a world class 21st century urban park that will catalyze the realization of almost 2 million square feet of mixed-use waterfront development and result in an overall economic benefit of $1.6 billion for the city. After years of planning for Penn’s Landing, the Feasibility Study for the first time represents a plan embraced by all stakeholders and sets forth a clear path for funding, phasing and implementation of this long held ambition to connect downtown Philadelphia to the Delaware River.