ASLA 2016 Professional Communications Award Winners / Giải thưởng ASLA 2016 Communications Award

The Cultural Landscape Foundation’s (TCLF) What’s Out There guidebooks are concise, richly illustrated publications that provide overviews about the design history of mostly urban areas throughout the U.S., locates significant works of landscape architecture of each city on a map, and include 250-word essays and full-color photographs of each site. The guidebooks—usually more than 60-pages in length—are attractively designed and professionally printed as 8×8-inch, easily portable paperback books. The guidebooks are also available as free digital downloads. They derive from the What’s Out There database of nationally significant landscapes and their designers, and are created in tandem with the What’s Out There Weekend series of free, expert-led tours. Developed in collaboration with local partners, the guidebooks are intended for a diverse audience, including landscape architecture professionals and students, educators, tourists, and design enthusiasts. To date, thirteen guidebooks have been produced.