ASLA Fellows 2011: Rosenberg through Woltz / Giải thưởng ASLA 2011 Fellows

Janet Rosenberg was nominated by the ASLA Council of Fellows Executive Committee in the Works Category. She is a design thought-leader in her native Canada and the U.S. who has received considerable international acclaim. She avidly supports environmental sustainability, with a core affinity for the modern-city aesthetic. An arborist at heart, accomplished networker, and proponent of the arts, she is a tireless participant in revitalization task forces and advocate for walkable cities. In her practice for 27 years she has increasingly focused on her firm’s drive to reclaim public spaces, such as waterfronts, public parks, the work environment, and the often nether-transition space in between work and home. She earned a BA from York University, and a degree in landscape architecture technology and Honorary D.Letters from Ryerson University.