Case Studies in Parametric Design A Guide to Visual Scripting in Architecture

Case Studies in Parametric Design is a guide to scripting digital models for architects, designers, and builders.

The use of parametric design in architecture has afforded the realization of incredible built work; modelling software can resolve complex geometry and aid in the development of stunning creations. Methods for creating the digital models to achieve these results, however, can be perplexing. Learning curves are steep, and benefits garnered from adapting existing workflows to incorporate new tools may appear trivial. This book describes programming techniques for a variety of buildings and provides novices an understanding of language and processes, challenges intermediate users with rigor and intentionality, and offers proficient practitioners objectives beyond novel form-making. The case studies consist of six mass topologies and six facade topologies; each includes sample topology models and scripts, descriptions of steps for generating customizable parametric models, and suggestions for additional modelling inquiries.