Contemporary Architecture In China – Hotels and Clubs / Kiến trúc đương đại ở Trung Quốc

The book selects 23 hotel and club projects, most of which are iconic works by the most influential Chinese architects. These masterpieces include: Xun by ZHU Xiaodi chief architect of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, who recieves Chinese government allowances; Hongluo Clubhouse by MA Yansong, founder of MAD Architects, who tool his master’s degree in Architecture from Yale University, received Samuel J.Fogelson Award and has been teaching at Central Academy of Fine Arts; Placid Rivers Club by Yung Ho Chang from Atelier FCJZ, professor at Peking University, who is Chinese pioneer architects. In the book, the architects abandon thier enthusiasm for “mass construction” and turn to the essence of architecture itself. Thereby, we see more original and experimental elements in these projects and thus the vigour in contemporary hotel and club design in China