Designing with Succulents / Thiết kế cảnh quan với các loài cây mọng nước

Designing with Succulents

Gardeners interested in contemporary trends recognize and appreciate the dramatic sculptural qualities of succulents. Now Baldwin’s alluring and stimulating guide offers a wealth of design ideas melded with informative cultural advice and opens gardeners’ eyes to a breathtaking variety of succulents for any situation, from formal spaces to an intimate balcony, from hillside terrain to container gardens. Whether undertaking a new planting or enlarging on an existing plan, gardeners will discover beguilingly colorful varieties, specimens with textural presence, and stunning architectural forms for unequaled effect featuring exceptional arrangements of drought-tolerant species. Although hot, dry California gardens appear in many of the photographs, Baldwin devotes a chapter to cold climates that’s certain to stir the imaginations of gardeners wishing to grow exciting specimens in the ground or perhaps in pots, bringing plants indoors or installing them in a greenhouse to winter. Towering to tiny, the array of succulents presented is exciting and compelling.