Emotive Landscape with Piet Oudolf / Thiết kế cảnh quan cảm xúc với Piet Oudolf

Planting and garden design is a very complicated art. Many people have been struggling to explain it succinctly for a while now. Other than through a face to face meeting this is the best way I have found to do so at the moment.” Guy Jones – Owner, Emotive Landscapes

I’m the one receiving a lesson from Piet dressed in green. I am now implementing these lessons into Cheltenham Gardens. ENJOY.

“Every moment occurs only a few times a year. Every season has its own moments and every day is different” – Piet Oudolf

“It’s dead but it’s a landscape in itself. Anyone would cut it back but if you can see the beauty in it it’s a real bonus to your life” – Piet Oudolf