Interface: Between Landscape and Architecture / Giao thoa giữa cảnh quan và kiến trúc

Interface, a cross-disciplinary design approach championed in “Groundwork: Between Landscape and Architecture,” is an urgent appeal for designers to pursue a cross-disciplinary design approach that overcomes the false professional dichotomy between architecture and landscape.  An integrated practice of landscape and architecture can have dramatic environmental consequences: the ecological role of both ceases to be a separate agenda and allows for buildings and landscapes to perform as linked interactive systems that heal the environment.

In addition, the prospect of integrated practice promises to be a catalyst for creativity. For too long, buildings in the West have with rare exceptions been conceived of as isolated objects that float in semi-naturalistic landscapes. Considering building and landscape as reciprocal entities can instigate the invention of an innovative landscape/architecture design vocabulary that overcomes this longstanding dichotomy.