How Can Landscape Architects Aid the Transportation Planning Process / Kiến trúc sư cảnh quan quy hoạch giao thông như thế nào

This webcast is currently available for viewing only and is NO LONGER APPLICABLE FOR AICP CM credits. Sponsored By: Transportation Planning Division Description: This webinar will examine the linkages between landscape architects and transportation planning, looking at how addressing design issues as early as possible in the planning process can result in transportation solutions more likely to win public support and produce the best transportation outcomes. John Dempsey of Toole Design Group will give a “101” style talk on the linkages between landscape architecture and transportation planning. Steve Luoni of the University of Arkansas Community Design Center will speak on the Little Rock Creative Corridor Project, and Bill Collins of Simone Collins Landscape Architecture will highlight his firm’s experiences in thoughtfully addressing the intersection points between trails and other transportation modes.