Lumiere London: famous light festival and art installations

Lumiere is the UK’s largest light festival. The festival was part inspired by the Fête des lumières in Lyon. Hosted in wintertime, and free to attend, the festival typically presents a number of light art-installations, as well as illuminating iconic buildings and locations. In January 2016 the festival was brought to London for the first time, with light installations sited around Piccadilly, Grosvenor Square, and King’s Cross. The front of Westminster Abbey was illuminated with coloured light projected onto statues by artist Patrice Warrener. Three-meter-high (9.8 ft.) neon letters from the top of the Centre Point building were temporarily setup in Trafalgar Square. In Leicester Square a ‘Garden of Light’ was created by French artists TILT, centered around the statue of William Shakespeare. Over four evenings, the festival transformed many of the capital’s most iconic streets and buildings in the West End and King’s Cross. It brought together some of the world’s most exciting artists working with light.