Tuan Nguyen



Undergraduate education with major in Urban planning, Ha Noi architectural university, 2017


MI.SA.MO Scholarship granted by association of Korean who love Vietnamese, Korean 2015
Certificate of completion for student have Successfully Completed The Student Exchange Research
Program 2016 “Education Program for Energy and Environment Leader In Environmental Cities” – The Univesityof Kitakyushu (Japan), 2017
1st Prize – Holcim Prize – From the Holcim Vietnam Cement Company Limited – “The school for upland children” 2016
1st Prize – Low Carbon – LCDBC 2015 International Student Design Competition “re-RURALize the Orio-Hibikino URBAN fringe” From the Univesityof Kitakyushu, 2017
1st Prize – From the president of the NPO Asian institute of Low Carbon Design (AILCD) in the International Workshop, Japan, 2017
1st Prize – Excellent graduation thesis – From the Vietnam Architects Association, 2017
2nd Prize – Scientific Research “Designing Landscape for Tuoi Tre park” – Hanoi Architectural University 2014
2nd Prize – Scientific Research“The school for upland children” – Hanoi Architectural University 2015
Merit – FuturArc Prize -Design a residential OR commerAcial development on a site within an Asian city of your choice – “Cost to make more”, 2017PRIZES