Dutch Profiles: Next Architects

The 4 partners of Next architects have always explored the boundaries of the architectural domain. At Next Architects, elaborate research is always paired with pragmatic solutions. Size is not restrictive. As their approach serves both small scale projects as well as grand urban designs.
Characteristic for Next Architects is their analytic use of layers and the original ways they invent to combine different, sometimes even contradicting demands. They inventively connect separate building layers to create simple looking but complex structures.
This focus on complementary contrasts turns up in their ideas on slow and fast, a dynamic concept that has always played a quintessential role in their design approach.
Since 2004 Next architects has a headquarters in Beijing, China. Partner, John van de Water extends the approach of Next architects in the Chinese context of rapid urbanization. For NEXT, these Chinese conditions provide a fertile ground to experiment with Dutch Genes in Chinese Dreams.