FengShui Application & Modern Landscape Design for Architecture Practice in VN / Ứng dụng thuật phong thủy trong thiết kế cảnh quan ở Việt Nam

Nội dung chính:

This research studies an approach to resolve the conflict between architects and Feng Shui masters in Viet Nam by studying Feng Shui applications and modern landscape design for architects. The objectives are: 1) to determine and empirically test the compatibility of Feng Shui applications and modern landscape design techniques; and 2) to provide appropriate recommendations for architects practicing in Viet Nam where Feng Shui is in demand. In the study, Feng Shui principles and modern landscape design techniques were examined to identify possible matching pairs and demonstrate compatibility in applications. For each pair, the selected Feng Shui principle will be used to produce questionnaire questions that included landscape layouts designed with different levels of Feng Shui application. The solutions were then ranked by two hundred architects and architectural students in Hué, Viet Nam. The resulting ranks were then compared with the ranks assigned by Feng Shui applications.