Landscape Architect’s Approach to Tackling Climate Change – Dr Yu Kong Jian | A China Icons Video

As world leaders and environmentalists meet in Paris for the 2015 Climate Change Conference, world renowned landscape architect Dr Yu Kong Jian explains his unique approach and philosophy for safeguarding China’s environment. Dr Yu Kong Jian, a Harvard School of Design graduate, is the brains behind Beijing architecture company Turenscape and has created buildings, parks and city planning in China and the US. With over half the population living in the city, Dr Yu Kong Jian believes that, as a species, we’re losing our connection to nature, our communities and our culture. In China alone, 400 cities are running out of water and a third of Chinese cities are suffering with pollution problems. His mission as a landscape architect is to find ways to reconnect and help address some of the problems caused by global warming. For more indepth features on China, click the China Icons logo to subscribe to our channel.