Timelapse – Leo Brinkmann

The film is available for licensing: feel free to contact me at brinkmann.leo@gmail.com
Everything was shot in Heinola, Finland.
Each second of video consists of about 30 photographs and altogether I took over 7000 images for this project. All scenes except the aurora borealis were shot during a time period of roughly one and a half months. The aurora, or northern lights, were a once-in-many-years sighting, as so far south they are hardly ever seen so pronounced.

What started as a school project quickly turned into something much more. Heinola is often described, at least by locals, as a dull town in which nothing ever happens. I set out to defy this thought, and capture my little hometown in a way never done before.

Most scenes are actually situated within a square kilometre from each other, some just a few metres. After many evenings of cycling out to capture the setting sun, dashing back home to fetch more memory, or changing clothes after a fall in the lake, I had together footage which for me represents the true beauty and hidden potential of an unknown place like Heinola.

Timing proved to be crucial as some weeks were totally cloudy, and often what looked like a good sunset to come, was just a pathetic dip behind the horizon and evening fading into the grey darkness of night time. The good moments didn’t wait, and neither did the light. Being out there and experiencing the better moments however, knowing that at the same time others were sitting comfortably behind their computer screens indoors, is something I won’t forget in a hurry.