Detailing for Landscape Architects: Aesthetics, Function, Constructibility

The new industry standard on landscape architectural detailing

Detailing for Landscape Architects takes the reader on an educational journey across three major areas of landscape architectural detailing—aesthetics, function, and constructibility—to demonstrate how powerful design patterns can transform thematic ideas into awe-inspiring built realities. Richly illustrated examples accompany concise discussions of a varied blend of landscape design/detailing issues such as water movement, soil environments, articulating structures and construction assemblies, life cycle costing, sustainability, health and safety, and more. This book approaches the subject of detailing in a systematic manner, and provides a balanced framework for design and workmanship that conveys the essence of the built landscape.

Detailing for Landscape Architects shows how details can:

  • Reinforce design ideas through the continuity and discontinuity of patterns
  • Actively contribute to the overall form or geometry of the design
  • Be designed to be durable and flexible while enhancing the entire design
  • Gracefully accommodate the natural growth and change of plant materials
  • Anticipate maintenance needs to minimize future disruptions
  • Maximize their cost effectiveness through understanding their function while designing to meet those functions

Including chapters that apply detail patterns to the design of an urban plaza, a roof deck, and a residence, Detailing for Landscape Architects offers guidance on solving specific technical requirements, while preserving and enhancing the visual qualities that celebrate innovation, and carry forth a timeless quality of building.