Spring in MONET’S GARDEN – Giverny, France, by Dean and Dudley Evenson

Enjoy this full hour video of the water and flower gardens of Impressionist master Claude Monet in Giverny, France. The exquisite music of flute, harp, and singing bowls reflects the pristine beauty of the magnificent gardens surrounding the painter’s home where he painted ‘en plein air.’ As inspiration for their album, Dean and Dudley Evenson visited Giverny, making field recordings and capturing on video the beauty of spring in all its glory. The sacred mood created makes the album and video ideal background music for relaxation, meditation, yoga, and quiet time.

Monets Garden, around the big house, where the famous artist lived the last half of his life, is a beautiful place. You can’t help falling in love with that place.
Monet was a famous artist already when he lived, and he earned good ´money. He hired 7 gardeners to look after his garden!
The house and garden is placed in a small town Giverny 90 km. west of Paris and is easy to reach. You can use your camera and tripod without problems.
I am glad to say thank you to andrzej olesiak for ideas and inspiration.
The musik is the same as in my film about Boller Castle; simply because in my ears it is the perfect music to this film. Furthermore Debussy lived at the same time as Monet, and I wonder if they did not meet?