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Dinh Tri Urban Town Landscape Design / Thiết kế cảnh quan KĐT Dĩnh Trì


Bac Gian city, Bac Giang provence, Vietnam


12,5 ha


Bach Viet Group


Landscape architecture design


Urban Town


The Main Concept Design: BAVELLA = BACH VIET LAND

BACH VIET is an ancient word to refer to Vietnamese ethnic groups such as Cau Ngo, U Viet, Dien Viet, Duong Viet, Can Viet, Son Viet, Da Lang, Man Viet, Lac Viet, Au Viet… live in the vast territory of southern China. These ethnic groups were later merged became Dai Viet, the origin of our country today.
BACH VIET represents the origin of a nation with a long-standing culture, represents patriotism and solidarity together. towards the good future of Vietnamese people.
BACH in Sino-Vietnamese means one hundred, or many, full, abundant.
BACH also means pine tree, pine tree, also known as pine tree, pine tree, meaning many, great, intelligent. Bach is also one rare species of tree, living steadfastly and steadfastly. People named “Bach” are often strong, indomitable, and a strong support, be sure, persevere and persevere with your decision
BAVELLA is also understood as BACH VIET LAND to represent a rich land, fragrant flowers and sweet fruits, a capital, city that brings residents a full, prosperous, and happy life. A place that connects Vietnamese people from the past to the present uniting together to build a future of sustainable development.


The legend of a hundred eggs giving birth to a hundred children, the cradle for the ancestors of our Vietnamese race today,

is also the main design inspiration for the overall landscape of the Bavella project area.

The landscape facilities are designed with many circular frames symbolizing hundreds of Au Co eggs linked together to create a closed whole, the Lac Long quan dragon is wrapped around embracing round eggs, each egg will have a different but harmonious color, creating a unified whole.


Main Entrance


Swan Lake in poetic purple sunset mood


Lolipop Pavilions