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Utopia Park Landscape Design / Thiết kế cảnh quan công viên Utopia FPT City


FPT City, TP Da Nang, Vietnam


10 ha




Landscape architecture design



Create a park where architecture and technology are not only at the service of the environ-
ment but CONSTITUTES the environment in a complementary symbiosis.


Aerial view of FPT Park at nighttime

Public event in FPT Utopia Park



Refresh the atmosphere with coolling system ( Air, water, shadow )
during hot and strong sunny day


Absorb CO2 and create more O2 for balance and create fresh and
clean air


Decrease the humidity of the air and the heavy atmosphere that come
from the heat and the sea for offer more comfortable place to live


Create green HUB who connect people to each other all around the
city and use technology for entertain them.


We constantly hear talk of how unnatural and cancerous human civilization is, or that we as humans need to “return to nature.” Technology seems to be shifting towards more environmental friendliness. The “green initiative” is invading politics, business, design, and consumerism alike. Innovators are constantly looking for ways to improve on existing infrastructure. Innovators are constantly looking for ways to improve on existing infrastructure.
Energy efficiency seems to be the biggest motivation, but the green initiative will also create smarter buildings, a stable climate, and better overall health for citizens. Between biotechnology, clean energy, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality, we will soon see how technology resembles what we consider a “natural process” today


A special fountain with the effect of flowing water creates the effect of a curtain, which also becomes a courtyard backdrop, discount for the central square area when an event occurs.
The water curtain combines lighting effects and water flows according to programmed shapes and characters. An app on the phone can be developed for the experiencer to be able to control the effects, shapes, and writing on the curtain by themselves from the phone.


Pavillons in these area improve comfort in the environement while
provide comfortable places during harsh and extreme weather of
Vietnam all year long.


Alpha Jump bridge – The Alpha Jump bridge
creates a long and large jump that directly connects the 2 square areas
of the two parts of the park. The bridge leads people through the different spatial systems of the two parts of the park at an angle
looking up high, taking people from one space to another completely.