Landscape Architecture / Thiết kế cảnh quan

Our designs reflect and preserve the natural ecosystem, while constantly striving to enhance the human experience with a sustainable ecological environment.

Our designs are geared towards the people and environment in which we live, work and play. EGO always strives to maintain and preserve the natural ecology in each design. We appreciate a city as well as a work that promotes sustainability, how it works by itself, and minimizes human care. At the same time we study and incorporate strategies to reduce the carbon content and water use, and always consider conservation of indigenous species.


Parks, gardens, thematic gardens, roof gardens, gardens in public works
– Landscape of public spaces, commercial, offices and plazas, waterfront development, campuses.
– Landscape of eco-tourism areas, resorts & spas, golfcourses, (including architectural work design service)
– Landscape of villas, gardens, courtyards, agricultural land, (including architectural work design service)
– Landscape of scenic landscapes, heritage landscapes, historic monuments, cemeteries
– Landscape of industrial parks, theme parks.
Landscape of natural conservation, environmental reserves, wetlands.