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Landsape Design for Nacimex Hotel / Thiết kế cảnh quan Khách sạn Nacimex Nam Định

thiết kế cảnh quan khách sạn



Hoa Vuong New Urban, Nam Dinh, Vietnam


3,5 ha


Landscape architecture design




The main idea of the project is to create a harmonious landscape and European style. With symmetrical layout, the soul of the design is the landscape axis. The main axis will connect all the elements of space and emphasis in design ideas with external elements such as the park in front of the project, the Nacimex statue, the gate of paradise, swimming pool, reflected pool, paradise garden and the lake behind.


thiết kế cảnh quan khách sạn

As the main entrance of the hotel, the visitors will be overwhelmed and impressive by the rose garden with all kinds of roses across the country.


thiết kế cảnh quan khách sạn

Paradise garden is the most attractive area to visitors. The garden is neo-classical style, built on the philosophy and art of Persian gardening. The garden is surrounded by walls, fences and pruned trees, forming a private garden with many small gardens inside, the variety of plants and trees, pavilion, pools and decorative elements.


thiết kế cảnh quan khách sạn

Inspired by the English gardens, the unique French garden in Europe, the gardens of Nacimex Hotel are elegant and classy for the architectural space of the entire hotel.

The gardens include many precious flowers, creating a garden full of flavor and romance


thiết kế cảnh quan khách sạn

Wedding event

thiết kế cảnh quan khách sạn

Gathering space

thiết kế cảnh quan khách sạn

With the neoclassical architecture, romantic with a beautiful secret garden, the Nacimex hotel will become luxury wedding and event center.


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