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Landscape Design of Phung Khoang Park / Thiết kế cảnh quan công viên Phùng Khoang


Duong Noi New Urban, Hanoi, Vietnam


11,7 ha


Landscape design



Aerial view of  the lake


Aerial view of  the main public square


Promanade walk


The park is designed as Golf course style that allows to flexibly organize open spaces with diverse terrain and curves. And it can be optimized usage and access to the large-scale water lake by paths and squares that is around. Moreover, At the same time, the park is also with variety of playgrounds, pedestrian paths, squares,  facilities in order to fit the needs residents.


In addition, the park is also well-planned with internal facilities such as: play area, hotel area, restaurant, marina, walkway, lotus pond, pine forest, fountains … This is a project to invest in and build modern and convenient facilities, aiming at ecological values, humanity and sustainable development in the heart of urban areas in particular and the whole region. in general.


The highlight of the project is the Palm Square is extremely impressive palm populations are designed in modern architectural landscapes. With a large area, adjacent to a large road, the surrounding area is the most developed urban population Hanoi promises to be the urban space for all residents with many cultural events, caliber community