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Urban Planning for Piscesa New Urban Development / Quy hoạch khu đô thị Piscesa


Duong Noi Township, Hanoi, Vietnam


17 ha


Nam Cuong Coporation


Urban planning



The biggest challenge of the project is to keep all three routes that was built. At the same time, the master-plan will ensure the construction parameters and real estate indicators set by the investor.Moreover, Piscesa will become a new style urban community, worth living, with many services, utilities,… for residents

thiet ke quy hoach canh quan khu do thi

Design inspiration ideas origin from the structure of the Pisces constellation – one of twelve constellations of the zodiac, Design team would like to link the big idea of Astronomy Park nearby to this new urban development. So, Piscesa new urban development is divided into 4 subdivision that are Alrisha, Eta, Gamma and Omega with total 603 lots and population 2400 people.



Piscesa will become a high quality new urban development in Hanoi, Vietnam with fresh trend of urban life style with variety of urban services, public green spaces. Especially, the roundabout and the central park will increase the value of real estate, create an good environment and public space for residents. Moreover, Japanese cherry retail street will connect all the components of Piscesa as a landscape and bussiness linkage.