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Marina Crystal Bay II Landscape Design / Thiết kế cảnh quan KĐT Marina Crystal Bay II


Bai Chay, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh provence, Vietnam


5.5 ha




Landscape architecture design


Urban Town

Design Inspirations
Crystal is general word for gems in the world of Gemstones. If we break Gems World into small tiers, there are three mains tiers which world experts have been ranking them as the chart below. These are more specific to call as well as to name Project Sections.


The maritime republics of the Mediterranean Basin were thalassocratic city-states in Italy and Dalmatia during the Middle Ages. The best known among them were Venice, Genoa, Pisa and Amalfi; less known, but not always less important, are Ragusa (now Dubrovnik), Gaeta, , Naples, Salerno, Ancona, and the little Republic of Noli.

In the old days, in medieval time, there were maritime republics in Italy. They ruled the Mediterranean sea. They were Genoa, Pisa, Ancona, Ragusa, Ancona, Gaeta, Naples, Salerno…; they had an essential role in reestablishing contacts between Europe, Asia and Africa, which had been interrupted during the early Middle Ages. These contacts were not only commercial, but also cultural and artistic.In a way we can say that they are the link between West and East, between Europe and Asia.They were small but powerful, they were like shining jewels in the sea.

Today we would like to tell the ancient story of those jewels of the sea through the modern and contemporary landscaping and urban design in Ha Long new town of Sun Group.Each side of the town represent a different site condition, a different exposure to the urban fabric and to the sea. For this reason we divided the town in 3 elements, reflecting the 3 maritime Republics of Italy


Tourmaline Park Design

The park is above the Ha Long undersea tunnel, an important project of the city. To create a connection with the project, the park is designed with the main axis coincident with the axis of the undersea tunnel, with the highlight is the Whale pavilion creating a really impressive landscape axis.
The end of this landscape axis is a pedestrian bridge reaching out to the sea, creating an attractive sightseeing spot.

Waterfloor fountain in Tourmaline Park


Tourmaline Park Pavilion

Naples Aquamarine Promenade

The route along the bay and the harbor with 2 separate parts including the tramway at the bottom and the pedestrian and commercial road at the top, connecting from Marina 1