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Marriott Hotel Landscape Renovation/ Thiết kế cải tạo cảnh quan Khách sạn Marriot Hotel Hanoi


Hanoi, Vietnam


2 ha




Landscape architecture design



JW Marriott properties artfully provide highly crafted, anticipatory experiences that are reflective of their locale

so that their guests have the time to focus on what is most important to them.

These elegant hotels cater to today’s sophisticated, self-assured travelers, offering them the quiet luxury they seek in a warmly authentic, relaxed atmosphere lacking in pretense.

Following the dragon concept of the building, and the Legend of Hundred Viets; Lac Long Quan & Au Co are mythical legend characters,

one is the dragon and the other is fairy. Although both of them separate, one depart to the moutains and the other come back to the sea,

but in the mythical world of legend & tales, Au Co’s land can be a world with full of mountains & cloud, with all the color which a man can imagine in nature.

Taking this aspect into the design, by the uniqueness 4 seasons weather of Hanoi and using deciduous trees,

the landscape abstracts aspect of the colorful mythical world of dragon & fairy (landscape surrounding the architecture building).

Visitors will experience different feeling at different time of the year.

Thus, based on the previous original landscape design ideas, the groves of trees in the cortyard represent the land children and the lotus plants (in pot under water)

are the water children; the landscape renovation proposal should enhance the idea for the land children.

By creating different layers of topography, plant & different colors, the landscape can represent Au Co’s land,

the land of fertility, prosperity with soft landscape, many colors & layers like a fantasy world in the cloud, embellish & honor

the concept of Dragon-shaped architectural design of the building.


Aerial view of Marriott Hotel Landscape

Site visit for landscape renovation of Marriott Hotel