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Hillside Landscape Design / Thiết kế cảnh quan KDT Hillside Phu Quoc


An Thoi, Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang provence, Vietnam


16 ha




Landscape architecture design


Urban Town


Master Plan Proposal


Piazza del Palio di Siena

The square in Siena used for the world famous Palio is a very unusual place.
It is sloped, irregular in shape, divided into sectors and surrounded by traditional Italian palaces.
It represent the perfect example of an urban square in a small town or village, because it has multi-functions, it is very lively, uses traditional materials and has a strong relationship with the Italian tradition.

In An Thoi the area we have chosen for the Palio square is perfectly matching these qualities.
The total inclination is approx 5%, very little, same as in the real Piazza del Palio in Siena.

We have also divided the square in sector of 15 degrees, so that it can also become a sundial, and we have terraced the area around the round square at the bottom, so that it can be used as a small amphitheatre for performances.

The central garden is an edible garden while the side small gardens connecting the square to the outer roads are filled with flower trees and shrubs.
The Vernazza rose garden has a central fountain from which people can drink and enjoy the place.


Via del Campo Shopping Street

This is a very famous typology of street in Italy.

They are called “Caruggio” or very small street in all seaside villages in Liguria.
They are narrow, paved, a lot of people moving up and down, with stairs and houses all around.

Via del Campo is one of the most famous in the old quarter of Genova, where caruggi connects all parts of the old town, including a medieval cloister.

This solution, applied to An Thoi, has several advantages:

1. connect all important areas in the masterplan

2. revitalise the back side of houses that would otherwise be neglected

3. bring life, interaction and interchange in the village.


Cinque Terre Cloister and Promenade

Traditional Italian Cloisters are always surrounded by walls, that is why the areawe have chosen in the project is perfect, because it is surrounded by buildings 4 to 5 stories high,

which makes the perfect proportion between the open air space and the construction height.

The cloisters are normally made of two parts:

1. a circulation ring covered so that people can walk, meditate and read even in bad weather. In our case there will be tree canopy that will create a perfect sunshade.
It is meant, like in cloisters, to help meditation, relaxation and direct connection with nature and to read, study, walk and exercise.

2. a central grass lawnwhich can be accessible or just admired for its formal Italian beauty

Our proposal: Re-creating the atmosphere of an Italian seaside village, with all the qualities, solutions, scale and elements

that could make An Thoi in Phu Quoc a real Italian place, not by empty slogans or just Italian names of things, but with a real interpretation of the Italian style of “IL BEL PAESE”


Scala di spagna – Grand steps
Scala di Spana- The monumental stairway of 135 steps, with the Italian name: “Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti” are a set of steps in Rome, Italy,

connect the Spanish square (Piazza di Spagna) and Monti church at the top.

The most lively place of the whole city, a grand step has been always a focal point for many people gathering.

We have chosen the Scala di Spana to our An Thoi project for the space between 2 condotels connecting the condotel area with the shopping street and the lower part of the project.

It wil be a place for people gathering, for wedding, for taking photo point, for special events, for festival, etc.

Snake Stair

The graceful staircases curl between the rows of houses to reduce the aridity brought about by the surrounding architectural space

and create unique highlights that are not available anywhere else.

Step Garden with Statues


Completed construction for typical stairs design



Street Lighting

First site visit of EGO architects for designing Taormina Hillside Phu Quoc project

First site photo of Taormina Hillside Phu Quoc project before construction