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Coconut Grove Ha Long Resort Landscape Design / Thiết kế cảnh quan Resort Coconut Grove Ha Long


Ha Long City, Quang Ninh provence, Vietnam


11 ha




Landscape architecture design


Urban Town

Aerial view of Coconut Grove

Bird view of Coconut Grove’s night scene

Greenery streetscape views


Coconut Grove Landscape Idea

The design area is centrally located between the two areas of Calvia and Mallorca with Mediterranean style and the commercial townhouse area with higher construction density. Therefore, the design of a tropical forest island at the heart of the project will bring a valuable green core to the project.
Coconut tree is also a tropical tree that is most suitable for coastal areas, grows well, brings cool, green and airy sea air. The design area is also a sea encroachment area with a high possibility of soil encroachment, trees that do not like salty soil will find it difficult to grow and develop well, so the design of a green coconut island with coconut trees is the main theme. The direction combined with the evergreen trees for great shade will create good vitality for the whole area.

The coconut tree structure has a scattered structure from the central stem to the leaf sheaths, from the leaf sheath to the herringbone leaves, this structure is very similar to the structure of the design area with the central axis, from there spreading out the herringbone-shaped.


Key Elements to Create Tropical Style

Successful tropical landscapes will be a blend of both colours & texture. The most regconize trademarks of this style are lush, tropical plants & bold colours.
In details, these are some specific elements of this style:



Water Feature

Ecological Asmosphere



Coconut Forest Parks

Tropical eco-park with coconut trees as the main tree, combined with evergreen shade trees and diverse tropical coastal trees with green canopy. Ecological organic promenades winding in the
tropical forest, interwoven with spaces for entertainment, rest, and various utilities of different sizes, lurking in the green forest, will create Curious, impressive emotions, relieve stress, bring vitality to visitors.


Inner Gardens

The inner garden spaces will be exclusive green resort gardens for guests staying in luxury villas. These will be designed as green tropical forests with paths, small approaches, friendly materials,
many small resting spaces so that guests can find their own private spaces to relax. only me. Each garden also brings its own character inspired by natural elements such as rock garden, sand garden, Botanic garden, which will give visitors the most relaxing space.


The main entrance area is the starting point of the project, the first impression of visitors, a dense tropical palm tree forest, with climbing trees, clinging trees, will welcome visitors. Guests will have the first impression of a green tropical forest, a habitat of all species, where visitors will be left behind the noisy life and return to the true nature.
The project’s largest Park area right next to the water surface will have a coconut theme, with the main
green color, located in a cool tropical coconut forest. In addtion, turning the existing lake water space into
an ecological and natural space combined with water play activities.
The two gardens on both sides will be dense, green coconut forest gardens creating a green divider between
the luxury resort area and the Mediterranean-style Feria Ha Long area.