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Sun Grand City Feria Ha Long Landscape Design/ Thiết kế cảnh quan KDT Sun Grand Feria Hạ Long


Ha Long, Quang Ninh provence, Vietnam


20.11 ha




Landscape architecture design


Residential, Communities

Sun Grand City Feria is the first resort-style villa product line that is comprehensively planned in Bai Chay by Sun Group.

The villas at Sun Grand City Feria are like echoes in the concert between Bai Chay tourist paradise, dedicated to the elite community, a peaceful place on the edge of the bay.

Gently touch to experience the unprecedented different style of life in the “Bay street muse”.


With abundant inspiration from the Mediterranean lands, Sun Grand City Feria is the refinement and sublimation of the peak artistic value. Coming to Sun Grand City Feria is coming to a beautiful picture with a distinctive Spanish red roof, blending with the charming greenness of the arched doors.

Sun Grand City Feria is no longer the familiar Mediterranean color of Santorini, where the villas bring in a liberal, romantic and full of personality, the melody echoes in “Symphony” of Sun Group at Bai Chay.


Diverse choices from single, duplex villas to quadruple villas, along with the unique architecture Sun Grand City Feria offers a more diverse and flexible choice for those who love the land of Ha Long, want seek to live an experienced and poetic life.